It’s not all society’s fault.

Obviously, after you had wacthed the first season of Mr. Robot twice, you came to a conclusion almost half of the people on the planet also came: Society sucks.

The idea of having society standards, trends, imposed role-models, fake tits on TV only for the sake of entertainment, free porn, a degraded educational system and the fact that almost everybody’s parents are incomplete assholes seems pretty ok to acknowledge. I mean, why not blame the president for our lack of meaningful relationships? Why not blame ISIS for our addictions to alcohol? Why not blame the teachers for our children’s smoking habits?

Once the people got the idea that society sucks, they pretty much return to their old cycles of doing nothing to improve their situations. Usually the people who complain the most about our society are those affette assholes, bounded to live their life in bed, with smoking, drinking or gambling addictions, and who think they know it all.

Blaming others for our low living standards is just another addiction.

Think about those old men, sitting in parks, commenting about the President’s last mandate, and about the next president, and about how the country is going places, and about the fact that we need more good teachers and better schools and all the crap that doesn’t solve shit.

But those people aren’t the problem. Those people are just a bypoduct of another confused generetion, who faced the same existential problems as we do, who still had to encounter depression, anxiety, rejections, ED and suicidal thoughts.

The real problem is that those people teach the next generations to stop assuming responsibility for their own life.

We stopped living in dictatorships. Half of the planet has a shitload more resources than we need. We have the most acceptable conditions of living, we strive to build colonies on other planets, gay marriages begin to be accepted, you aren’t forced to marry anybody, drugs are everywhere, the internet is filled with enough information to make any dumb kid rich, and still, the rate of divorces increases, a teenager has the same anxiety levels as an asylum pacient from two generations ago, fundamentalists, terrorists and feminists have a bigger influence on us than ever, wankers are emerging from every corner and people just go dumber, fatter, more useless and more closed-minded.


I ask again, why?

“Society… educational system…”

Stop using what you hear on the news to assert one big-ass fact: life is hard, and technology revolutions, free-speech and the possiblities of doing everything you want everywhere you want (thanks to the Internet) are making it harder. Cooler, but harder, especially when we have more than enough resources so nobody has to work a lot to get something to eat or to drink.

Is there really someone to blame?

Most of our parents didn’t raise us very well. It’s not their fault though, they were taught by a generation who used to beat the shit out of their kids for a bad grade in school.

The previous generation did a pretty nice job on raising the feminists, the people who encourage gay parades, the fuckers who make money out of self-help seminars who only degrade the minds of others, the “Nice-guys”, the nerds who live in Mom’s basement and the binge-watching midde-aged 9-to-5-ers.

We are the children of a “tired generation”as much as our parents were the children of another “tired generation”.

Our parents have to work 9 or 10 hours a day, because fuck it, they need money to buy more TVs and they completely neglect their own passions, so that they will encourage their kids to stop fulfilling their passions because they too need to make money in order to buy even more TVs.

And after days and days of working for the sole purpose of buying more TVs, who the fuck wouldn’t be “tired”?

Being tired isn’t a physical state. Some people wake up after 4 hours of sleep and get their shit done, are productive and nail it in almost every chapter of their life (ok, they don’t because sleep is important, but you get the idea).

Other people sleep enough, eat healthy (if that’s even possbile now), sit hours in a cubicle doing practically nothing, watch Mad Men with the family, drink coffee, pay bills and are still tired. Tired is a way of living.

Some people are dead-tired before they turn on the TVs for the weather casts. Fuck, some people are tired and die from tiredness in their 20’s. Not physically, but energetically and emotionally.

They were, and still are, gangbanged and bukkaked by all the representatives of a society that demands you to make money and spend it on stupid shit, so that other people will make money out of your “compulsive buyer” behaviour.


It’s not society’s fault, god dammit!

You can’t blame the sellers for the urge to consume. You can’t blame Coca-Cola for the fact that they use “happiness” in their slogan to make you think that if you drink cancer you will be happy. You can’t blame tobacco companies for the fact that they sell anxiety-free cancerigen stuff. They do their job and do it pretty good.

In fact, I would argue that they are the best at predicting humane behaviour. Marketing geniuses who use another people’s problems to buy their stuff. Innovative, right?

“You are sad? Buy cigarettes. You don’t have love in your life? Buy self-help seminars. Your mother hates you? Get enagaged with the love of your life and use <<marriage ring experts>> to guide you through the process”.

The fact is that we are pretty fucking dumb when it comes to our emotional hygiene.

And we let companies to market their cancer because we think  that buying cancer will palliate the problem, because in our hearts, we think that we can’t even cure the problem and that we will die alone, sad, suffering and full of regrets.

This belief that we are incomplete and sad, that we are damned, or that we should be ashamed for our animalic behaviour comes from other things like religion, our parents, our past traumas, our diseases or our weak psychis.

Our society isn’t the cause of our sufferings. It’s the byproduct. Everything is the byproduct of how the collective thought at a certain point in the evolutionary process.

The fact that we started to use fire in order to cook our meals changed the whole system of society. The fact that we started wars for God influenced people into believing that if they don’t kill others in the name of God, they will burn in hell. The fact that we finally let women vote influenced women into finally acknowledging that they can be as powerful as men. The fact that we let companies to use genetcal-modified food to sell them in places like KFC influences us into thinking that spending money on burgers will make us happy, because fuck it, everyone else does it.

We all know that drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, Cola, KFC, binge-watching shows and the news make our lives even more miserable. We all fucking know it. And still we use them as a pain-killer. Heroine. And it’s available 24-out-of-24, just go at any shop and you can buy and rent everything I’ve written up there.

Who is to blame for all the misery?

You. You, the reader. And your Mom. And your grandmom. And her Mom as well. And everybody’s Mom. And also, everybody.

Everybody is to blame for the current situation.

As Voltaire said, “Everybody in the world is guilty for all the good he had never done”.

It’s pretty easy to see why people like Voltaire were called “assholes” or “unfaithful”. They were stating what other people didn’t want to hear: that we lack responsibility for our own lives. We pass the guilt and shame we feel for our lack of success to institutions, presidents or educational systems because those institutions are untouchable anyway.

Trying to pass the shame and the guilt we feel everytime we look into our children’s eyes and say “I’m sorry your Maths teacher sucks, but you have to do your homework” is just another form of passing responsibility onto someone else’s shoulders.

“It’s not me who is to blame because I don’t encourage you to do what you want, instead I will tell you to please the Math teacher because you need good grades and that will bring me a little bit of satisfaction. Oh, you feel like shit? Well, it’s the educational system’s fault for letting people like your Math teacher into it.” Yeah, well, fuck you Mom!

That’s how shitty parents teach their children to not be responsible for what they do. That’s why more than half of the boys raised by this society are pussies. That’s why your parents are more inclined to blame the educational system rather than the kid’s own ability to learn or their own ability to make the children want to learn.

That’s why we have such a degraded educational system to begin with. The same people who pass the responsibility for not raising their kids well right onto society’s shoulder are the same peope who teach you physics.

They are the same people who judge teenagers for their ability to memorize a lesson the night before. The same peoeple who think that sudying hours and hours of mathematical formulas is going to help the kid to go trough depression.

They are all the same: amphibians who lack the balls to take responsibility for their own flaws and who refuse to resolve their own problems, and who choose to buy cigarettes and a big plasma to watch the weather cast in 3D, because fuck it, we hate our lives so much that we need them to be happier.

You want to stop being miserable? How about taking responsibility for your own misery and happiness?

Suffer and live, you won’t have one without the other.