Passion is willing to work harder until you receive the gift of working better. Obsession is willing to work just enough until you get something you wanted.

Passion is understanding and embracing that , throughtout your journey, you will have both happiness and suffering. Obsession is denying suffering and only aknowledging the short-term happiness.

Passion is respecting you own personal boundaries and values. Obsession is drowning in debauchery with your desires.

Passion brings the sense that we are alive and working towards something bigger than ourselves. Obsession brings the sense that if we lose it, everything around us will collapse.

Passion is doing for the sake of doing. Obsession is doing for the sake of the moment you will not have to do it anymore.

Passion keeps you up at night. Obsession makes you fall asleep.

Passion is in dreams, obsession is in anxieties.

Passion is always knowing that you can be better. Obsession is knwowing that you can’t be better.

Passion enriches you life and gives it strenght, direction and light. Obsession consumes it and makes you vomit before the the show.

Passion is being vulnerable and accepting criticism. Obsession is being an asshole who thinks it’s above criticism.

Passion can evolve into a way of living. Obsession places you into the grave and sculpts on it “Here lies nobody”.

Passion is accepting the fact that, one day, you will part from what you have worked on and leave it to mankind. Obsession is sadly clinging to it and refusing to give it to the world.

Passion is loving. Obsession is needing.