Look at my drawing. Does it look like something done with tremendous talent? Nope. It has a lot of imperfections that need to be corrected. This doesn’t necessarily mean that talent means perfection, but people in general tend to confuse one with the other.

Talent is overrated. Work is the new black.

Nowadays talent is used an excuse for those who give up. “I can’t do X because I am not talented at it.”. No motherfucker, you just hadn’t the right mindset or you simply did not want to do it.

How the talent-mindset fucks you up as a kid

Let’s say you are really good at maths, but you don’t really want to spend hours doing calculus, but you really like to dance and you are not as good at it. But something inside burns to go on the dance floor and let yourself be carried away by the flow. That internal flame that keeps you up at night and eager in the morning. The “call”, or whatever you want to name it. And the first blockage on the road is, most of the cases, your parents. They will impose you what to choose between what you want to improve and what you are already better at. They will say to you, “Why would you do X, when you are better at Y? This is a total waste of time.”

Well, you could tell your Mom that X gives you more satisfaction than Y. “Yeah, but Y gives me more satisfaction.” This type of behavior is so unhealthy that will grow into you as a plague that never goes away. It’s a cancer that not only fucks up you mindset, but also your future. You will give up what you like for what others like. Even worse, you will force yourself to work what you don’t like because you think it’s necessary, but in fact, you do it just to please others. That’s why you suck at things. Because you hate it so much ‘cause others imposed it to you, that you will unconsciously not do it.

When is talent better than work?

Never if you want to really succeed. If you want to attract people’s attention, it can be useful, because nobody will say “How much work did he put into that stuff?”, but more likely they will say “Wow, such a talented guy!”, like all the fucking achievements came overnight, without stress and lots of shit to hear from unsupportive deadbeats.

You point out a guy who was born the best, I will point out a fucking mass of people who bowed out of what they wanted to do because they believed that they had not talent. In the end, you will point out no one and I will still look at that mass of people with regret.

When somebody tells you that you are not talented enough, or start to blabber about someone who is better than you without any word of encouragement, you need to tell the to back down and let them go. Those people are only projecting their flaws and inability into you. Those people lack the balls to do what they want, regardless of what other people says. And immediately, they will hate you because you have what they did not have. It’s a defense mechanism.


Think about the best guy you know in your field of action. And think about all the hours you need to put into your thing in order to only equal him, then think that the best has already worked twice as much to overcome the previous best. I’m not talking about competition here, but about work.

Talent, if exists within you, is only there to give you a gentle nudge. You have to take care of the rest.


Why you don’t work?

The main reason you will think about is going to be “I’m not motivated enough”, right?

Well…you shouldn’t!

If you rely on motivation in order to get things done, you are already out of the game. Motivation will be there for a short period of time. What will be there for a long period of time? Habits.

Think about Julius Caesar. Did he need to watch YouTube videos with “INSTANT MOTIVATION TO GET THINGS DONE” in order to build the empire? He only needed his self-respect and personal values.

How to start working?

First of all, replace your bad habits with good habits. Instead of watching porn, how about eating healthy? Instead of spending hours and big amounts of energy on useless shit, how about working towards what you want to achieve? Start to find out how you are wasting you time on what you don’t love and start doing things that you love and resonate with you.

 Secondly, stop complaining. Complaining will never-ever get you anywhere. Start looking for solutions. Instead of “ I fucking hate that paper-work”, how about “I will stop doing that paperwork because it’s not helping me achieve what I want, and I will find a way to work towards that.”

Third of all, write down a set of values you want to respect and to live your life by. If you enjoy being creative, then respect yourself and be creative in any moment of your life. Don’t be the person others want you to be. Be the person you admire and name idol. Be your own fucking idol.

So…is talent a must-have?

No. It’s not. If you are not talented at something but you would really love to be good at it, then work and work until you are happy with yourself. But there is a subtle catch that most people don’t get. You have to love the work, the process and the struggle, not only the result. If you only like the results, you are, again, already out of the game.

Me personally, I love everything about drawing. I love being creative, I love holding the pencil, using the eraser, rendering, adding light and shadow, coloring, I love to mess up, I love to suck at it, I love to be good at it aand

the final product. And this is the only map that can get you anywhere.

Stop using talent as an excuse to give up.