Today I’m not sharing any piece of finished artwork, nor do I complain about our society.

Today I’m tired. I slept like shit and I don’t really feel like doing anthing that writing another article for my blog.

Up there is one of my last sketches. Nothing fancy or detailed, nothing that deserves to be labeled as “nice work”. Just something that I pulled out of myself and I decided to put it out here, in the “field”. This little sketch symbolizes a lot to me and I want you to follow my lead into a journey of emotion.

Let yourself be embraced by the creative flow and the quiet emotions that live inside of you. Let them get out of yourself. Use them in order to create something that will last, and hopefully, that will inspire others.

If this image pulls out of you an emotion that was buried deep inside of your heart for a long, long time, I dare you to be creative!

I dare you to use that emotion in order to create something more beautiful. Just do it.

And then, come back here, leave a comment and tell me how you felt.

Find your way in life.