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We live in the 21’st century. This is not a bold statement, this is the harsh reality, the reality that most of the previous generation doesn’t want to face. It’s the era of social media and online marketing, and is also the era of improved capitalism, in which all of the young entrepreneurs have a chance to create a business, to grow it and to enjoy all the benefits they can get.

And with all this shit, with all the motivation and encouragement, and with all the open-mindness that the Internet creates for us, how the fuck are there so many artists going unnoticed by the public?

Let’s take a step back. I am still in high school so I can relate to this. I want everyone to remember that more of an introvert colleague who sits on his chair everyday and draws, or writes, or does graphic design, or anything else that doesn’t include Facebook, Instagram or socializing.

I bet you think “Well, that’s him, he just does that… It’s nice… yeah, that stuff he does…”.

Well, let me tell you that that person who just does that goes home and does the same shit, or even more. And I am talking here about the young artists. They are the small minority who continue to struggle with carelessness, lack of money and support, lack of chances and who still manage to dance and paint and do anything that inspires him and should inspire others.

And for all the struggle, they don’t usually get much appreciation by anybody, which is ok because the struggle is there only to motivate you more as an artist and to test yourself (but I will cover this issue in another post).

But the problem isn’t that their struggle goes unnoticed. The problem is that they go unnoticed. The media, the educational system, the parents don’t generally care  if he draws well, or if he writes like a young Dostoevsky, or if he sits there for hours just to learn a piano tune. Nobody really cares. Why? Because the vast majority hasn’t been taught to give a shit for them. And so, they go in the world, and become employers, and continue to not give a flying fuck about all the hours an atist spent just to improve the way he holds the paintbrush.

Art is going down both as a class, and as a job, because the more utilitarian face of the human mind takes place. Let’s analyze, for example a schedule from an highschool. 7 hours of programming per week, another 5 of maths, 3 of physics.  Mereley one class of music and arts, and only for the first two years. I wouldn’t say a thing, knowing that this highschool is oriented solely on IT, but for fuck’s sake, the same situation is in primer schools.

Even from when we clean our noses with our sleeves we are taught that the left side of the brain should be more trained than the right side. This imbalance of left-side – right side is so fuckin’ huge that I can’t even tell.

In today’s educational system, it appears that there is no room left for creativity, for arts and for passion, just countless hours spent on learning stuff that probably wont’t get you a job or a happier life.

And some  of us will say “Why is this important?As far as I’m concerned I’m getting new grades and I don’t need art for getting a highly paid job”? Well, it is very important because through art we learn to appreciate the work of others and the work of nature, done in the same manner as an artist would do it, without expecting something in return. It is important because we train too much the left side of the brain while the right side is just sitting there, to fill the head, like hundreds of learnt subjects in the previous school years were.

When we learn to appreciate every form of art, we also learn to appreciate our true values and what we can really do. By loving and nurturing our passions we discover what we really love to do. It’s like when we are kids and our mommys buy us our first colouring pencils and we start drawing incoherently lines on the table just for the sake of it, without expecting something in return, like a grade, or money.

But then again, who cares? The educational system right now isn’t bound to make you appreciate art and nature. The educational system is just trying to make you a good employee, who see the world only in 1-s and 0-s and to raise the productivity bar.

I will let this for the viewer to judge if it’s good or not.

So what can we do? Well, for starters, we could replace one of the classes that took control of the schedules with one good hour of music, when a dude who plays guitar like a pro, but didn’t have the chance to become one because of other reasons, teaches the others how to hold the guitar in their hands. Just to hold it, and to appreciate it, and to appreciate the guy who fabricated it, and the guy who plays it better than you do, and Eric Clapton, who makes a very good living from it.

We desperately need more artistic subjects in school. We need to start appreciate true work, the work of an artist, who does what he does for the sake of doing it, not to get paid because only by doing this we will appreciate others and passions and we will make the world a better place.