10.Tokyo Ghoul

I don’t really think that Tokyo Ghoul is a brilliant anime, yet the opening can make you excited about seeing it.

9.Naruto Shippuden Op.3 – Blue Bird

Well, yeah, when it comes to Naruto, you have to choose from a lot of openings, but this one I consider to be the best and, if not really that good, at least it stands out from the other lame ones.


The opening sets you right in the mood for what you are about to see.

7.FMA Brotherhood

A very nice one, with great music and great visuals, just enough for the show.

6.Death Note

Scary, dark, strange and epic.Just what Death Note has to have as a opening.

5.Samurai Champloo

Never skipped this one.NEVER.


The most badass in all the list, this opening tells us a lot about the mysterious main character, and has a marvellous and catchy song.

3.Attack on Titan

This is pure awesomness, it makes you heart beat faster and your veins pump up more blood.


“Yeah , well, this looks nice but I don’t think it’s really that…Holy shit.”

That was my reaction and it might be yours too.

1.Ergo Proxy

My all-time favourite opening, Ergo Proxy’s is just perfect.A dark song about salvation, with strong images and scenes from the anime.


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