1.Having a full watchlist on IMDb and not being able to shorten it because we constantly add something , and watch something else

2.Downloading a movie and forgetting about it for ages

“Yeah, I’m gonna see this tonight…oh, but I totally forgot about all the other movies I haven’t seen yet and the last episode of that TV show…”

3.Having a strong realationship with your movies, though

“You shall not delete Pulp Fiction, or say something bad about it.”

4.Can’t go anywhere without movies or TV shows on the laptop or the phone

“Seriously, what do you want me to do at the grandparents?Talking?”

5.The priceless moment when your friends finally watch the movie you told them to see months ago

6.Holidays are such nice occasions to watch more movies

“Finally, now I can watch my entire watchlist…or not”.

7.”The old ones were better.”

8.Constantly finding new directors and having a movie-crush with him

You discover some new underground director you haven’t thought is that awesome, so now you just have to watch his entire career.

9.Spending hours to decide which movie to watch

“Yes, but this movie seems to have a nicer plot…but Johnny Depp plays in the other one…”

10.That annoying moment when somebody tells you that a movie about characters is slow-paced and without action

“If you can’t understand that this movie is about characters and their struggles, then why don’t you remain at Sharknado?”