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These 10 anime series I consider to be some of the best pieces of Japanese television that could have ever been done.I didn’t mention the long anime series (like Naruto or Bleach) because they have too many episodes.If you believe that some other anime series should have been on this list , I encourage you to write them in the comments.

1.Steins Gate (2011) – 26 episodes

A time-travel masterpiece , Steins Gate follows the story of Okabe Rintarou, a university student who creates a time travel machine with his friends and encounters the consequences of changing the past.Overall , Steins Gate is a rollecoaster.It will make you cry like a baby and laugh , it will depress and haunt you.It is a story about time, love, friendship and family, all packed up in a great drama which starts a bit slow, but in the end everything will be rewarded.

2.Death Note (2006-2007) – 37 episodes

A student gets his hands on a Death Note and starts killing criminals to make a better society.This anime is tremendous.It presents us morality and humanity questions through a fantastic clash between two young geniuses, Light and L.Death Note is a dark crime anime, with two main protagonists who remind us a bit of Sherlock Holmes.

3.Baccano! (2007) – 15 episodes

This anime is pure ecstasy.It follows several stories including gangsters, alchemists, psychopaths and outlaws, everything being piled up in one of the best anime series that can be watched.It has a nonlinear story line, original characters and tremendous writing.Bisedes, it’s short , so why not start with it?

4.Clannad After Story (2008) – 24 episodes (23 has the first season)

Grab you tissues and prepare to cry.A lot.Clannad After Story will break your heart and it will play with the pieces.Seriously now, don’t let yourself fooled by the childish (but beautiful) animation , Clannad it’s a true drama that will completely melt you.I recommend to watch the first season just to feel more attached to the characters.

5.Trigun (1998) – 26 episodes

I had to choose between Trigun and Cowboy Bebop for a space western ,and I choose Trigun.This should tell something about the quality of this classic.Trigun has a nice plot, morality questions, tip-top action and maybe the most interesting main character I’ve ever seen in television : Vash the Stampede, an intriguing man with a gigantic bounty on his head.

6.Code Geass (2007-2008) – 51 episodes

Code Geass is a Mecha anime, mostly about a boy named Lelouch, who is a strategic genius.It’s set in a futuristic Japan dominated by the British Empire and is just fantastic.The show is full of plot twists and very concentrated with action.Lelouch takes the command of Japan under a false identity and has to deal with the war against Britannia and his family problems (and no , it’s not some slice of life part, it’s pure drama).

7.Attack on Titan (2013-) – 31 episodes

This anime is almost in every top on the Internet for a damn good reason.Attack on Titan follows the life of a boy named Eren and his sister, Mikasa, after they enroll in the division that protects humanity from the Titans.The show is fantastic.It has incredibly well-directed action scenes, with a lot of gore and drama.The fact that sometimes is too fast-paced makes it more concentrated and simply cool.

8.Samurai Champloo (2004) – 26 episodes

Coming from the man who created Cowboy Bebop , Samurai Champloo has the finest quality of action and a nice story about a girl who is searching for his father along with two fantastic samurai fighters : Jin and Muu.What really makes this show one of the best I’ve ever seen is the directing style: a mix of good-old fights between samurai and hip-hop music, made by the astonishing producer Nujabes.

9.Hellsing Ultimate (2006) – 10 episodes

Hellsing Ultimate is a pearl of horror and gore.The main protagonist is Alucard, a vampire who is just indestructible.Add this to an action-packed show and a dark tale of religion, revenge and war and you obtain a true masterpiece.I recommend though watching the first Hellsing before the Ultimate, just for the sake of seeing more of Alucard.

10.The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) – 28 episodes

It’s the perfect place to start watching anime.Imagine one of your female friends being God, and you waking up in a mix of aliens, magical beings, trime travelers and strange adventures.The main character is very original and the rest of the characters are also interesting.