We find ourselves so often  imagining fantastic buildings, and weird structures, but sometimes we lack the capacity of putting something on paper and most of us lack the capacity of actually building it.Hermann Finsterlin was perhaps one of the greatest architectural minds that has ever lived , but he never built anything in his entire life.

Finsterlin was a Jack-of-all-trades.He was born on 18 August 1887 , and he died on 16 September 1973 , and was a visionary architect, poet, painter, essayist, composer and toy maker.

Under the Nazi regime , he painted portraits for officials and frescoes , a sad situation for such a great mind as his.He was an architect who never built something , but who left us a collection of work so beautiful and natural that remembers us of  trivial things , like organs for example.He drew with curved and natural lines , almost contrary to the architectural movements that begun to take place in the world (take Bauhaus for example , a style in which straight lines dominate).Yet his almost SF vision would have improved in a very big way how architecture looks today.

Most of his work was lost due to a bombardment of his house , but a nice collection of his brilliant projects still exists , and it would be really useful for architecture to see more people being interested and finding inspiration in Finsterlin’s work , which really embraces the term “natural”.His work should inspire us to create more natural structures because is the only way to create balance between nature and our desire to build.







And some toys: