The Revenant is a strange movie.A very strange one.

The Revenant is about a man named Hugh Glass , who gets almost killed by a bear and is left alone in the wilderness by the man who killed his son.He confronts the cold and the unthinkable savagenss of the mountains to get his revenge.Sounds interesting?Nope.The whole plot is over-used and dull.

Literally , the best part of this movie is the style of directing.I mean , this movie is far , far from your usual greenscreen-shit movie.The Revenant was filmed in the real mountains , in Canada and Argentina , at temperatures of -25 degrees , using the natural light as much as possible.And we can see the grace and the naturalness in every shot that has been taken.We know Inaritu to be one hell of a director especially after his masterpiece , Birdman (2014) , an The Revenant does not make an exception from being one of the most visually stunning movies of this year.The landscapes seems to be drawn from Bob Ross’s paintings.


Besides , we have the style of filming the fighting scenes.The fight between Hugh Glass and the bear was so breathtaking that I had to remember that I need air after it ended.Some scenes was so brutal and tough that it made me question my own masulinity (like the first fight scene or the scene when Glass burns his own neck to close a wound).This brutality of the scenes is very suggestive when our characters are a bunch of lonely men , in the midst of a perpetual war , in one of the most unfavorable environments in the world.This helps us a lot to see the realism and the authenticity this movie is tryings to give.

Also , the close shots from the dialogue scenes (or the crawling scenes)  remind us how the dialogue scenes should be in movies: in a personal way that helps us understand the caracters’s emotions without necesarly hearing their words.And this helps us a lot to understand what Tom Hardy wanted to say.


The visual aspect dominates this movie.And in this cinematographic context , its role is to make the story and the characters to be easier to understand and to make you feel like you are there , in that period of time.

The characters , however , most of them were dull and without essence.A lot of them were just irrelevant to the story.Yet , the main actor (DiCaprio) was nice.He crawled better than anyone else.Seriously spoken , he did a remarkable perfomance.He did impersonate a revenant , a father with a broken heart , a demon thirsty for revenge , a kid who licks snowflakes , and finally , a man who found out that revenge is not his to take.And he did all that without saying many words. The other main character , Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) , was more badass than ever.He killed like a little b*tch a kid , and then he ran away.Now really , this character was completely dull and illogical.The whole plot bases on how Fitz kills Hawk and Glass crawls to get his revenge.And Fitz did all this because of a misunderstanding about getting out of the boat or not.Who would kill a man’s child for that?


Which brings me to the storyline.I hated it since the first minute of the movie.It was so foreseeable that I could point out which character is going to die after 20 minutes , and I was right almost everytime.Besides , this whole revenge part is over-used and dreary.

We could see that this movie has a certain approach to the question “Is revenge mroal?”.The main character is totally moved by this , so that revenge becomes the central motif of the film.And this is pretty obvious: if Tom Hardy didn’t kill  Hawk , what reason would have DiCaprio to encounter the wilderness?And after Hawk dies , we see the two main characters taking different directions in life.Fitz dehumanizes himself properly (as expected) , by indulging himself in alcohol and manipulating Bridger for money , meanwhile Glass is reborn.He tells his captain he has already died when Fitz took his son , but in the end , he realizes that revenge is wrong and gives Fitz to the indians.The whole journey’s purpose was to drag Glass back into life after his heart died along with his son.


He confronts the cold and the savageness of the mountains , and in the midst of his suffering , he meets this indian fella , whose family died also , and who serves as an example of moral man who found out that revenge is God’s to take.So here is the moment when we (through Glass’s eyes) find out that revenge is immoral.And here appears a more subtle theme of the movie , the religious theme , which is the last refugee for Glass in the face of suffering (we see his dreams with the church).As the indian saves Glass’s life , Glass saves the life of Powaqa , the indian chief’s daughter , and returns the favor in the eyes of fate , so in the final moments of the movie , the indians let Glass alive , although they could have easily killed him.

This whole thing leads us to think that life go on and has to go on , even for Glass . who thought that life was over after his son died.

In conclusion , The Revenant was a weird movie , and I would not go as far as saying it was a masterpiece , rather I would say that it was entertaining, yet foreseeble.